I’m really getting into food festivals. They’re all the fun of a music festival without the dust and with better food. Terry and I went to Portland for the weekend to attend Portland Feast. This was my first time at a food festival with so many activities and my first time in Oregon. We barely … Continue Reading

Growing up in Boerne, Texas, I always heard about Comfort. This year especially, I’ve been taking out of town guests for an afternoon day trip there. It’s a 15 minute drive to a quiet town with some great finds. This trip, I was the chauffeur for my mom and her high school friend from Philadelphia. … Continue Reading

Every now and then Boerne surprises me with something new and different. This time it was the All British Car Day. MGs, Triumphs, Jaguars, Land Rovers, Minis, and more all pulled up onto the Main Plaza in town and popped the hoods. My cousin studied in Bristol and came along with me for a taste of Britain. … Continue Reading

Work took me to San Francisco for a whirlwind trip during a trip to Los Angeles. I was not looking forward to the freezing cold and biting wind with my LA wardrobe. Just when I had given up on San Francisco weather, the city redeemed herself. I hardly needed a jacket. The sun gave the city a … Continue Reading

I took off work on a Friday and did what any almost 30 year old does . . . headed straight for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Los Angeles. There’s no way to say that without sounding like the end of a Nickelodeon show circa 1996. My boyfriend (who planned the whole … Continue Reading

This weekend, I’m showing the Esperos Soho Collection line at Capsule. It’s crazy to think that summer just ended and I’m showing Spring/Summer 2017 styles and colors. All of the bags are made in the USA of super soft leather and I could sleep on them. Just made it weird. I love the booth I designed … Continue Reading

Thank you to everyone who came to the South Congress Hotel for the Flower Crown Workshop on Wednesday night. It was so fun to see everyone put together their crowns and come up with dreamy color combos I never would have thought of. I’m so glad that the setting turned out how I envisioned. When I … Continue Reading

I love a craft. My favorite saying is Always Be Crafting. I’m so honored and excited to finally be sharing my passion for crafts and leading a workshop this week. This Wednesday, September 14, I’ll be teaching a Flower Crown Workshop at the South Congress Hotel. The event takes place from 6 – 8pm and … Continue Reading

This week, I’ve been busy planning an Esperos lifestyle shoot. I’m really feeling blush this season and also drawn to exaggerated silhouettes. For the shoot I went with 2 looks, one forward and the other classic black. I went for a very light tan sweater, blush culottes in a rib knit, and light pink, low … Continue Reading

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Some mornings you get up and feel like wheat Chex. Other days you get up and you want donuts. Today was a donut morning and we went for it. This was my first visit to Voodoo Doughnut and I got greedy. That M&M one? Mine. The Fruit Loops one? Also mine. I finished one, and that’s … Continue Reading