Green, Please

This year, I have made a conscious effort to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Sure it’s a buzzword and I’ve done obvious things like cutting back on shopping for new clothes, but I’ve really tried to get creative about my consumption. At the workplace Bye sticky notes! I made the switch to a reusable notebook … Continue Reading

Summer in San Francisco: Travel Guide

What to wear: I have been fooled by San Francisco one too many times. This time, I packed my Marmot down jacket and had zero regrets. I also packed a denim jacked for the sunny, warm days, but more often than not, I needed the jacket – mornings, evenings, out after dark. Stop at Everlane … Continue Reading

Portland Feast

I’m really getting into food festivals. They’re all the fun of a music festival without the dust and with better food. Terry and I went to Portland for the weekend to attend Portland Feast. This was my first time at a food festival with so many activities and my first time in Oregon. We barely … Continue Reading

Austin: Voodoo Doughnut

Some mornings you get up and feel like wheat Chex. Other days you get up and you want donuts. Today was a donut morning and we went for it. This was my first visit to Voodoo Doughnut and I got greedy. That M&M one? Mine. The Fruit Loops one? Also mine. I finished one, and that’s … Continue Reading