Book Report: Potluck Culture

As I progress through the course on systems, organizational structure, and culture, I find myself thinking, “Okay, but how do I actually start changing culture?” One of the assignments, Dr. Ranjit Nair’s book, Potluck Culture, gives you actionable advice for modern workplaces. He doesn’t give you the exact answer but he helps you get there with questions to ask yourself and suggestions since every workplace is different.

A standout concept from Potluck Culture is that millennials are a positive addition to the modern workplace. Most books harp on millennials and focus on the negatives but Dr. Nair presents cases and examples where millennial employees can really make a difference and spark positive changes.

One of those positive changes is the need for meaning in our work. Millennials, more so than any other generation, want to have meaningful work. I think this demand has benefited all workers across the board as companies deliver on this need.

One of the ways companies give their employees meaning is through storytelling. Uniting behind a story ties people to their work and helps build camaraderie while helping companies connect to their customers. It’s win-win and millennials are helping to drive that connection.

Potluck Culture: Five Strategies to Engage the Modern Workplace
Dr. Ranjit Nair
Available on Amazon

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