Gratitude on my mind

This week, the universe was sending me signs. First, I saw an Instagram post that said, “gratitude turns what you have into enough.” A day later, a friend posted an article from The Atlantic about Yale’s extremely popular happiness class. Both were a good reminder that I needed to spend more time being grateful for the things that I have.

Giving thanks and a practice of gratitude can improve your overall health, help you sleep, lower your stress hormones, and give you a rush of dopamine, aka a runner’s high. You can literally get addicted to a gratitude practice because of the dopamine.

I made a promise to myself to spend 5 minutes a day on my gratitude practice. Your practice doesn’t have to be formal; I’ll be making a list of things I’m grateful for each day. If you’re worried about finding the time, just think about how much time you spend scrolling on Instagram, unless of course it reminds you to be grateful.

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