For over 10 years I worked in consumer product goods (CPGs) helping to design, produce, and sell everything from apparel to temporary tattoos. As I moved from sales to operations, I realized that I could cut costs by reducing things like packaging or by reusing material waste and turning it into new products. I was excelling at work but something felt off; I wanted to do more.

Today, I work in sustainability communications and try to be part of the solution each day. I like to share stories, thoughts, and ideas that get more people interested or involved in sustainability. Living a sustainable lifestyle can be intimidating but I strongly believe that we each can make a small difference that adds up.

Why the greenest thing? Someone once told me that the greenest thing already exists. They were right. Before buying new, try to reuse or repurpose something – ask a friend or neighbor, look in online marketplaces, or try a thrift shop.